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1983 928 S
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5-speed Manual
700 -- Black / Schwarz
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1983 928 S U.S. 0354
108,074 at modification date.


This 1983 Porsche 928S has 108k miles and was purchased in 1985 by the previous owner, an IBM executive who lived in upstate New York and only drove the car during the summer. Powered by a 4.7-liter V8 paired to a 5-speed manual, the car had its clutch replaced and its synchros rebuilt by the previous owner. The selling dealer acquired the car six months ago and serviced it with a new timing belt, water pump, fluids, and more as detailed below. Included service records from the previous owner are organized in a large binder and date back to 1985. The car is sold with its original tool kit, spare tire, owner’s manual, an accident-free Carfax, and a clean New York title.

The black finish (Schwarz 700) is largely original and polishes to a high gloss. There has been paintwork on the front left fender from a minor parking lot scrape, and the passenger door due to a runaway shopping cart. The work was done over 20 years ago according to records. The seller notes that there are a number of small stone chips and a few small dings.

Original 16″ slotted alloys wear Yokohama A-403 tires up front with an August 2005 DOT code, and Sumitomo HTR 50Zs in the rear with an October 2006 DOT code. The windshield washers are not working well according to the seller, and the radio antenna has to be raised manually.

Inside, the black leather upholstery is said to be holding up well for its age. It is noted that the seats remain soft and supple, but a few pleats have come unglued from the foam cushions, and there’s some minor wrinkling on the driver’s bolsters. The top of the instrument pod shows a single crack running from front to back, and some small cracks are said to be forming at the defrost vents. The previous owner removed the package tray on the driver side.

The seller has cleaned the electrical contacts on the interior lighting, instrument cluster, relays, and any other items that were suspect. He replaced the courtesy lights, relays, and fuses as needed. All of the interior lighting, power accessories, sunroof, and cruise control work properly, though it is reported that the tach will sometimes stick for a few minutes after start up before it registers. The original radio has been replaced by a period Blaupunkt AM/FM cassette player.

The 4.7-liter V8 runs its original smog pump and catalytic converter, and it passed a California smog check in January 2017. The clutch was replaced by the previous owner and the synchros were rebuilt. The 5-speed manual is reported to shift smoothly and the linkage displays no slop. In March of 2017 the ground contacts were cleaned, and a new starter motor and alternator were installed. Over the winter, the seller serviced the car with the following items:

  • New Gates timing belt
  • New Laso water pump
  • New rollers and bushings
  • New accessory belts
  • New coolant hoses
  • New oxygen sensor
  • New coolant, oil, and brake fluid
  • Serviced the A/C system (R12), now blows cold

Photos of the undercarriage have been provided and are featured in the image gallery below.

Records were chronologically organized in a binder by the previous owner and include many services large or small from 1985 to 2016 according to the seller, who has provided receipts from the recent work performed during his six months with the car.

The clean Carfax is from October 2016 and can be seen in the gallery below. The original tool kit, spare tire, and owner’s manual also come with the car.