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1978 928
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5-speed Manual
30T -- Light Blue Metallic / Hellblau Metallic
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1978 928 U.S. 0566
Grand Prix White
72,000 at modification date.

By: scopers On: Friday, 12 June 2020

So apparently the car was GPW initially, then painted a light metallic blue (to be confirmed if it was hellbalau), then repainted (rather poorly) GPW.

By: scopers On: Monday, 10 August 2020

I think it is safe now with a new fuel pressure accumulator (was leaking), new fuel hoses under hood, 2 new tires, new PS, oil cooler, and brake hoses. Runs better with new cap and wires, runs cool with a new radiator. Rebuilt axles with 8 gaskets (4 were missing!), fixed turn signal canceling, swapped in LEDs and H4s, fixed power mirror function and front door speakers (added vapor barriers), and rattling windows with new guides, and rebuilt A/C system with new compressor, condenser, dryer, expansion valve, and hoses. New heater valve. New rear shocks, new fluids all around.