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TOPIC: I'm trying to see what this beauty is worth.

I'm trying to see what this beauty is worth. 05 Sep 2017 12:44 #19973

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I own a 1980 Porsche 928. We just recently got it working again after about 10 years of sitting in my garage under a car cover. I'm trying to see what she's worth. It works great, and drives like a dream. We just put a new clutch slave cylinder, a new break master cylinder, new break boosters, and we had all the fuel injectors completely bench cleaned and they are all working perfectly now. New oil, fuel pump, and new oil and fuel filters to accompany. We had all the fuel lines and gas tank cleaned out. We just polished and waxed the outside and used leather conditioner and sealent on the entire interior. The 928 is all original, and my grandfather bought it off the lot in 1982. I know the history, and I have all the receipts and dates of services going all the way back.
It's has the transaxle differential, and the sun roof delete. As far as options go here is what I could pull up.
It was number 502 of the line in October of 79.
M261- Outside mirror - plain-Passenger's side, electrically adjustable and heatable
I389- Porsche - car radio, CR stereo, type US with electrical antenna rear left and with suppression, USA
M437- 6-way Comfort seat left, electrically adjustable, 78-84
M438- 6-way Comfort seat right, electrically adjustable, 78-84
I490- Hi-Fi sound system
M568- Tinted windshield and side glass

It's a 5 speed manual in garnet red.
True garnet red (the one nicknamed arrest me red) not the newer version that came out in 81. It still has its original paint. The rims are the ones that came with the car, it's the 15" rims. It also has the larger fuel tank with a 22 gallon capacity. The head lights still work and pop up, and the a/c still works great. The car currently as 47000 original miles so the engine is still young.

Also the Hi-Fi sound system means that it has the upgrade sound system. The radio is still original and works like the day it was made. The antenna works too.

To those of you that actually think that it's cool and special, it still has its original lockable gas cap. The key that starts the car fits in the gas cap. I thought that was cool.

I have 4 keys for it , 2 black and 2 red valet keys. The 2 black keys have the flashlights and they still work.

This car is an absolute dream and and I'm just wondering what this absolute gem is truly worth. If anyone can give me some ideas that would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm trying to see what this beauty is worth. 06 Sep 2017 11:46 #19974

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Nice looking car. If odometer can be verified that it works, then depends on the market. Knowing the car set for 15 years with old coolant in there would scare some folks, including me, with all the possible head gasket issues. Email me and I may be interested. My username at yahoo
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I'm trying to see what this beauty is worth. 03 May 2018 16:23 #20328

Did you ever find a new home for your red 928?
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